Since COVID-19 has starting in China it has put heavy strains on getting repair parts and we do expect it to get worse before getting better. We went ahead and replenished our inventory for the main phones and tablets we repair with three months of inventory to keep device’s going and to help offset the possible price increase’s that may come later for parts once production ramps back up. However there are hardships with some popular models at this time.

During this COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that health and safety are our client’s greatest concerns. That is why we have made the choice to add additional measures to secure your devices.

Upon checking all devices in they will be wiped or sprayed with a special disinfectant as well as UV Light for disinfecting. Using this process we are able to kill 99% of germs on contact. Each small device will be quarantined from other devices.

During repair, we ensure that our anti static mats are clean, wiped down, and decontaminated after every single repair. After each repair is completed we are running additional sanitation measures. Wiping every device down with anti bacterial products, separating your small device from other devices, and often even using UV light to kill any additional
bacteria that may exist.

Our store has been deep cleaned, and our technicians as well as front office staff are practicing proper hand washing procedures as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control.

We understand your concern during this time and assure you that we have put the proper procedures in place to protect you and your loved one’s devices. Our team is here to explain proper device cleaning and storage techniques as well.

Thank you for trusting us with your devices!

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