4 Ways to Repurpose an Old Computer

As new updates frequently come and technology advances, people tend to upgrade their computers and laptops. And that has only one downside, which is – you’re stuck with the old one! Moreover, the dangerous metals and chemicals in computers make it a bad idea just to toss them in the garbage. The amount of e-waste generated each year is beyond our imagination. It is not only harmful to the environment, but it can also have adverse health effects on humans. 

The only solution to this is finding new ways to upcycle our devices. It also gives purpose to them and keeps them out of the trash bin.

Here are four ways to repurpose an old laptop/computer.

  1. Retrofit to a Chromebook

We might need a fully-functional laptop with new features for our tasks, but you might have a family member that can use just the basic features. For example, a child who needs to stream videos, watch movies, play games, research/study on the internet, or attend virtual classes. Chromebooks can be a great alternative, but it can be difficult. So let someone use your laptop as a makeshift Chromebook.

  1. Create a Digital Photo Frame

DIYs have become people’s favorite pastime, and this could be your next project. A serious DIY-er would love to strip down their laptop to its bare parts and turn it into something unique. 

First, create a digital photo frame by making use of the high-resolution screen of the device. Remove all the plastic casing and extra parts, and fit the laptop circuitry with the LCD in a shadow box. The laptop’s LCD will be in front, and the hard drive parts can be mounted to the back. You can choose from a variety of tutorials that guide you on the steps. Once the frame is set up, you may use varied programs to display your favorite photos. You can even set the timing for the display of each photo, so it is highly customizable.

  1. Build a Home Media Center

The idea is to put two devices to work. First, you can use your laptop as a media center that serves your TV. This will enable you to directly connect everything from recording broadcast TV stations to Netflix shows on the big screen. A simple HDMI cord can help you enjoy everything on the big screen. This can unlock a wide range of streaming services and get you access to region-restricted content through a VPN. You might need an adapter to connect to the HDMI port if you’re using Apple. It is essential to understand that older devices could run slower. You may uninstall unused software and programs or even upgrade to an SSD from a hard drive to speed up the streaming.

  1. Convert into a Network Attached Storage System (NAS)

A NAS system can be helpful when you need ways to store data and share files will all the computers that are connected to your network. It is excellent if you need additional storage and when multiple people on your network need access to files. The contents of the drive will be accessible on all your devices – tablets, phones, or other PCs. First, you need to set up a NAS application on your laptop. Download the application, create a bootable drive with a USB, restart the computer, and boot it using the bootable drive. Once the installation is done, you will find a server interface on the screen where you can set your username and password, enabling you to connect with the other devices.

The uses of an unused laptop could be many – from turning it into a webcam, wireless network, or even a remote control. But the best thing is you can get minor repairs done to make it more useful. If you’re looking for a trusted repair service, Avie Pros can help you! 

Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY

When your car faces problems, your instinct is to take it to a mechanic. But when something goes wrong with your smartphone, maybe a shattered screen or draining battery, you may wonder: “Is it time to buy a new one?”. 

The urge is mainly because consumer electronics have become as crucial as our cars, where the idea of tech repair still hasn’t seeped into our collective consciousness. Research has shown that when tech products begin to fail, most individuals are inclined to purchase new gadgets rather than fix their old ones. But it doesn’t have to be this way. More of us could maintain our devices, as we do with cars, if it were more practical to do so. In addition, if we all had more access to the instructions, parts, and tools to revive gadgets, repairs would become more straightforward and less expensive.

 We at Avie Pros are here to help with such a situation. We are a Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY. We manage most smartphones of major brands using the best quality tools and equipment in the repairing process. 

Whatever be the difficulty, our trained and experienced staff, after diagnosing the actual problem, can fix your phone, irrespective of the size, shape, or brand. Furthermore, our professionals use state-of-art tools and technologies for service, enabling them to get your smartphone fixed in the shortest possible time. Thus, with the availability of professional and reliable smartphone repair services, you can get your smartphone back in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost.

We, at Avie Pros, have been in the repair and service business since 2008, where we have an experienced service department that is ready to manage all your smartphone repair tasks. Avie Pros is a leading provider of smartphone repairs in Frankfort, KY, and drives by the mission to deliver WOW experiences to customers consistently. In addition, we offer flexible plans to ensure the long life of your smartphones.

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Refurbished smartphones are no less than a new branded phone; they work as smoothly as a new one. So why pay more when you can purchase a refurbished smartphone that functions like a brand new one from Avie Pros, a Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY? 

Another prominent feature that Avie Pros offers is smartphone repair. Smartphone repair at Avie Pros is trouble-free and convenient, as one does not have to exhaust oneself in searching for a reliable repair vendor. We have more than 2500 mobile parts in stock for repairs, specifically for smartphones. 

We generally have parts for more than 300 devices in stock, and in some cases, every part of the phone is available on demand. And we still utilize overnight deliveries to ensure your device is repaired in the fastest way possible.  

We also use a systematic automated POS software that tracks and provides up-to-date inventory information. 

Apart from keeping a physical inventory count, we use expert software that allows us to handle inventory seamlessly, send lightning-fast quotations, and auto-generate invoices. Technology has made inroads in each business, and the mobile repairs and smartphone industry has embraced it wholeheartedly too. Today, it is a proven fact that technology-led mobile repair services have efficiently managed to change trends, competition, and customer preferences by adapting, adopting, and relying on technology-driven software.

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Avie Pros have a wide range of branded smartphones in refurbished versions, offering unlimited options to choose from. We’re also regularly adding the latest smartphones to our inventory. In addition, Avie Pros offers its customers fantastic deals and discounts on every smartphone repair. At Avie Pros, offering excellent service to consumers is our primary goal. 

The professionals at Avie Pros focus on a single smartphone at any given time, and that’s your smartphone. As a result, you experience a shorter wait time. 

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5 Common Issues with Old Computers and Why You Need to Upgrade Every 3-5 Years

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether you are a corporate establishment or a small business, your enterprise cannot function without a computer system. That is why keeping your computers in top working condition is critical. It is important to be aware of the warning signs a computer shows as it begins to age. Your web pages load slowly, you have trouble running your preferred search engine and, in some cases, excel documents just crash. 

So, here are a few points to keep in mind when deciding if it is time to replace your company’s computers.

First and foremost, take into account the average lifespan of a computer. There is a distinction difference between Business PCs and Consumer PCs. The components of consumer PCs are mostly sourced from the lowest-priced supplier. Hence, one cannot really count on either reliability or quality. Cheaper components are associated with reliability issues, lack of stability, and all-round sub-par performance. Most consumer-grade PCs can be expected to have a life expectancy of -3 years depending on the demands placed on them.  Business-class PCs are made to order. They have better quality components that ensure better performance. Moreover, they come with a more extensive warranty. So, replacing parts is not an issue. Thus, business class computers have a longer life expectancy averaging 3-5 years.

The need for the replacement of your computers depends to a large extent on the type of computers your office is using. Some of the early warning signs that a computer is about to pack up are:

  1. Problems updating the latest operating system

Outdated software is like a goldmine for attackers. If one doesn’t update, the vulnerability never goes away, and hackers know that many users are casual about updating. Nearly 40% of computer users do not update their computer software. Updates are important as they include enhancements, fix dangerous bugs in the operating system, and patch vulnerabilities that cyberattackers can take advantage of. 

  1. Problems installing the latest operating system

Potential difficulties of not installing security updates are loss of data, damaged software, or identity theft. 

  1. All functions beginning to slow down, particularly as new apps or software are added

Application updates, programs, internet downloads, and temporary files take up major chunks of space in the hard drive and memory space, along with massive industry-specific files for those in architecture, graphic design, and engineering. Begin by simply emptying the computer’s trash, or moving data to the cloud. The help of a trusted IT provider like Avie Pros can help you navigate these changes securely. 

  1. Problems with running software apps 

Software difficulties start from a conflict with other programs. Shutting the program down and restarting it can sometimes resolve these issues. Software vendors like us at Avie Pros may also fix by issuing patches, small software updates that address known difficulties. 

  1. Unexpected hardware outages

All computer equipment has an unexpected usable life before the failure rate begins significantly increasing. Hardware failures lead to major outages without any warning. This can have a huge impact on the business’s bottom line and its ability to help customers. Following a set hardware refresh schedule ensures that the hardware is well within its expected lifespan. 

It has been observed that as computers age and as new software is installed, more resources are needed to run it properly. This has a negative bearing on the performance of the PC. Business-class PCs need to be replaced every 3-5 years. In order to even out costs and productivity, reviewing program requirements is recommended. Certain basic specifications are also recommended before buying a new Business class PC:

  1. 8 GB RAM
  2. Intel i5
  3. Solid State Drive or Solid-State Hybrid

It is inevitable that in due course of time your company’s computers will have to be replaced. The reasons could vary from software obsolescence to hardware failure. Upgrading and improving your computer system will ensure productivity and cost-efficiency.

When your company’s operations are not bogged down by technical issues, it is bound to enhance productive activities. So, in a nutshell, if your operating systems are five years or older, the writing is on the wall. It is time for an upgrade.

At Avie Pros, we help you keep your systems up and running. Having been in the business for the last thirteen years, our experienced and highly professional service team is always ready to handle all your repair tasks. 

Get in touch with us to ensure hassle-free functioning at your workplace!

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