4 Ways to Repurpose an Old Computer

As new updates frequently come and technology advances, people tend to upgrade their computers and laptops. And that has only one downside, which is – you’re stuck with the old one! Moreover, the dangerous metals and chemicals in computers make it a bad idea just to toss them in the garbage. The amount of e-waste generated each year is beyond our imagination. It is not only harmful to the environment, but it can also have adverse health effects on humans. 

The only solution to this is finding new ways to upcycle our devices. It also gives purpose to them and keeps them out of the trash bin.

Here are four ways to repurpose an old laptop/computer.

  1. Retrofit to a Chromebook

We might need a fully-functional laptop with new features for our tasks, but you might have a family member that can use just the basic features. For example, a child who needs to stream videos, watch movies, play games, research/study on the internet, or attend virtual classes. Chromebooks can be a great alternative, but it can be difficult. So let someone use your laptop as a makeshift Chromebook.

  1. Create a Digital Photo Frame

DIYs have become people’s favorite pastime, and this could be your next project. A serious DIY-er would love to strip down their laptop to its bare parts and turn it into something unique. 

First, create a digital photo frame by making use of the high-resolution screen of the device. Remove all the plastic casing and extra parts, and fit the laptop circuitry with the LCD in a shadow box. The laptop’s LCD will be in front, and the hard drive parts can be mounted to the back. You can choose from a variety of tutorials that guide you on the steps. Once the frame is set up, you may use varied programs to display your favorite photos. You can even set the timing for the display of each photo, so it is highly customizable.

  1. Build a Home Media Center

The idea is to put two devices to work. First, you can use your laptop as a media center that serves your TV. This will enable you to directly connect everything from recording broadcast TV stations to Netflix shows on the big screen. A simple HDMI cord can help you enjoy everything on the big screen. This can unlock a wide range of streaming services and get you access to region-restricted content through a VPN. You might need an adapter to connect to the HDMI port if you’re using Apple. It is essential to understand that older devices could run slower. You may uninstall unused software and programs or even upgrade to an SSD from a hard drive to speed up the streaming.

  1. Convert into a Network Attached Storage System (NAS)

A NAS system can be helpful when you need ways to store data and share files will all the computers that are connected to your network. It is excellent if you need additional storage and when multiple people on your network need access to files. The contents of the drive will be accessible on all your devices – tablets, phones, or other PCs. First, you need to set up a NAS application on your laptop. Download the application, create a bootable drive with a USB, restart the computer, and boot it using the bootable drive. Once the installation is done, you will find a server interface on the screen where you can set your username and password, enabling you to connect with the other devices.

The uses of an unused laptop could be many – from turning it into a webcam, wireless network, or even a remote control. But the best thing is you can get minor repairs done to make it more useful. If you’re looking for a trusted repair service, Avie Pros can help you! 

5 Key Advantages of Hiring Professional TV Installation Services

Purchasing a new TV is always a major investment, and the job isn’t finished until it has been safely mounted on your wall. TV Installation is not an easy process and requires people with the necessary skills, namely the services of Professional TV Installers. Hiring a professional reduces the chances of error and ensures that your new TV is fitted correctly and to a high standard, with no exposed cables.

If you’ve found your dream flat-screen TV, instead of worrying about how you’re going to position it on the wall, it’s best to call the experts. We are sure you wouldn’t want your TV slipping off the wall or mounted incorrectly or in a crooked position. There are many reasons why you should take the help of professional TV Installation Services. 

Read on to find some of the ways a professional TV installation service can help you make the most of your new TV and save you money and time in the process. 

1. Right Placement 

The top reason why you must hire an expert is that they are great at this particular kind of undertaking. They know exactly what needs to be done when searching for the right placement for your television. Not only will they allow you to figure out what area is best for ideal viewing, but also will help you in finding the ideal spot. 

Many factors come into play when trying to find the ideal location for the television mount. Professional installers know all of the important issues to consider and can work with you to find the right place. Here are some factors that are considered: 

  • Power Outlets: The power source must always be near the TV. 
  • Height: This is dependent on viewers’ distance from the TV and the angle of viewing. For instance, the fireplace is a poor location; one can develop pain in the neck while watching when placed above the fireplace. 
  • Close Components: Components like sound systems, satellite boxes, and gaming consoles should always be near the TV. 
  • Sunlight: No one would want to watch TV while fighting the glare of sunlight.

2. No risk to the TV

The cost of televisions has gone down considerably in the last few years, but that does not mean that they are cheap. When you invest in a new TV, the last thing you would want to hear is the sound it makes when it falls on the floor because you didn’t get the mounting installation right. 

Professional TV installing services protect your TV from faulty installation, inadequate mounting system, or slippery hands. Having a professional handle the installation means that you’ll be much less likely to hear that awful crashing sound of the TV hitting the floor in the middle of the night, all because you accidentally did not drill the studs to protect the placing.

3. Correct Mounting 

When a professional handles the TV mounting in your house, you can be rest assured that they will do it right. The real reason behind why that is so obvious is that the last thing anybody needs is for his or her TV to come tumbling down, and breaking. When you recruit a professional, you get genuine feelings of peace knowing that the TV is accurately and securely mounted on the wall of the house. 

Also, since TVs put weight on your wall, any false moves could cause some serious damage. To avoid dealing with a drywall faux pas, it is best to hire a professional to do the work so that you can relax and enjoy your TV.

4. Concealed Wiring 

We all know that having a television mounted on the wall implies that the wires will be hanging directly where everybody can see them, which is certainly not a satisfying sight. Nobody wants to have wires flying out to distract everybody while viewing their favorite TV show, right?

In such a situation, professional installers can come to your help, as they know how to hide all wires and cords so you can enjoy the TV viewing undisturbed. This is accompanied by running wires through the walls. You’ll be glad to know that a professional can prevent damage to your walls. The professional can also organize the TV and component cords for you to ensure that your house remains neat and tidy.

5. Expert Recommendations 

When you go for professional services, you can also get professional equipment recommendations at that moment. Is that soundbar you have been considering purchasing really the best add-on for your setup? Which is the best television under your budget? With expert guidance, you can select the best whole experience set up within your budget.

Technology has advanced rapidly and has certainly made a good impact on our lives especially when we talk in terms of comfort. Having a television has become a norm in every house, and then people spend a good amount of money on buying the best one in the market. This fact makes it ideal that everyone would want a well-placed TV in their room, making the services of a TV installer an absolute necessity. 

This is where we at AviePros come into the picture. We handle all kinds of projects, making sure not to damage the wall or the TV, keeping the wiring covered, and ensuring that the TV is both level and secure when the work is done. 

We offer comprehensive services that include mounting the television, as well as handling extra tricky procedures like soundbar installation and surround system set up. Connect with us today to know more!

Windows 10 upgrade and why you should care

Microsoft is finally kicking the famous Windows 7 to the curb by ending its updates that keep it strong and secure. Right now is a crucial time for anyone who has not already moved onto the newer, fresher, Windows 10. If you’re currently using a machine that is running on Windows 7 or earlier, you’re at risk starting January 14, 2020.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t be using a no longer supported operating system. A big reason is the risk of attacks from third-party software’s and Ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks consist of something of yours being held from you (such as personal data, or access to your computer) and are being held for a ransom of some sort. Older operating systems are outdated and lack newer security features that prevent things like these from happening.

Along with lacks in security, these outdated machines can also have issues doing other things. For extreme cases, older machines can even get the point where you can’t even access certain websites due to your browsers capabilities. Any users who are still using outdated operating need to really contemplate the risks involved and consider upgrading before it’s too late.

By:Taylor Wolfe

Improvements In SmartPhone Camera’s During 2019

One of the most frequently-used technologies of today is the smartphone camera. Over the years, people have been placing an emphasis on capturing pictures with their cellphones a lot more, which has further spurred demand with the significant popularity of social media in the past decade. With an increasing number of users who are demanding cameras with superior imaging capabilities in cellphones, companies have also taken it upon themselves to up the game. Every new phone coming out is now working on innovating the space of mobile camera sensors, focusing on techniques and optical stabilization mechanisms, along with using wider lenses and laser-assisted autofocus.

With the launch of the latest models of the iPhone, the Google Pixel and Samsung’s Galaxy S10, the camera phone market has been shaken up once again. The newest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max have made choices even harder than ever! To help you out in choosing your next camera phone, we’ve compiled this list of camera specialties with the latest and most innovative technologies.

Telephoto and Zoom

For everyone interested in capturing more than just selfies and family photographs, there will come a time when they consider using a telephoto lens. The telephoto lens magnifies the image and technically has a focal length of at least 60mm. The ultimate advantage of having a dedicated telephoto camera module is that it takes better pictures at long focal lengths.

Most cellphones now come with a telephoto lens in addition to the regular wide lens. These include Apple, OnePlus, HTC, Xiaomi, Motorola, and Nokia models. The comparatively old phones had a traditional camera module that was paired with a 2x telephoto module, although the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro make use of a 3x telephoto. You can also fix an extra lens over the top of your inbuilt lens to get additional telephoto “power.”

The next step in zoom: Time-Folded Optics

This is a way to overcome the focal length limit that the phone’s thickness imposes. Traditional camera lenses were typically made up of many different lens elements that work together to provide a sharp, high-quality image. However, in folded-optics technology, the parts are folded on top of one another to reduce the thickness of the optic.

The larger the number of folds in the imager, the more powerful it is. Huawei has recently launched 5X zoom on P30 smartphone using folded optics. In this phone, different elements are combined to make a 90-degree right turn after the lens cover, and the CMOS sensor is arranged horizontally, kind of like a periscope. The result is a picture that delivers excellent detail for objects that are even several hundred feet away, with almost no loss in detail. That sort of quality and innovation is astounding, and as technology grows, it’s only going to get better with time.

Zooming out: Wide-angle capability

Let’s now talk about something you are probably a little more familiar with – wide-angle photography. If you have recently read the reviews about the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the iPhone XS Max, you know what we are talking about. Some of the more recent flagship phones feature a wide or ultra-wide lens, and it’s a great addition for people who want more in their shot.

Wide-angle photography helps people capture more in their shot by increasing the range to match what the human eye can see. This helps in taking pictures with a lot more subjects in them, and is especially useful when photographing scenic vistas. Lots of people now prefer wide-angle cameras for their social media posts simply because it adds so much more. If you’re interested in getting a phone for yourself, you may want to consider this option if most of your time is spent outdoors.

If you run a cellphone repair store or an electronics retail store, get your repair technicians trained on the latest cellphones coming out in the market, because the cellphone retail industry goes hand-in-hand with the cellphone repair industry. And to get the stress off your shoulders, try a great cellphone repair shop software to automate your everyday tasks effortlessly!

Multi-shot Night Modes

Most smartphones come equipped with a night mode now built into the native camera app. Night mode works by taking multiple exposures and then combining the information from each of the shots to help produce what the computer deems a well-lit photo without much noise. iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 3, and Huawei P30 Pro do a fantastic job of making night photos look like we are using professional lighting to capture the image.

This process relies more on the computational power of your phone, but having a powerful camera array is also essential to getting the best-looking photos around. Google has long been relying on achieving this with only one camera, but with the rising trend of multiple cameras on phones, more companies are able to harness this technology and deliver outstanding night-time pictures with some great detail. Check out this handy scale to see which phones score the best.

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Online Scams, How To Avoid Them

Identifying fake pop-up messages & errors. Most people that use the internet have, at some point or another, had something pop up on their screen informing them that there is some sort of issue with their computer. Most commonly these messages will attempt to convince the user that there is something wrong with their computer. These types of scams are VERY common and seeing these messages will often scare the user enough into following the prompted instructions and inevitably cause problems.

Methods for avoiding being a victim of this scam:

Consider which website the pop up manifested from. If the website that caused this error is one that you’re not familiar with or have newly visited, you may want to consider avoiding that site.

It is important to remember that most commonly used browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc.) come with very basic online protection services and are, a great majority of the time, unable to detect if there is any type of issue related to viruses, malware, etc. Therefore, if a message appears stating that there is an issue with your computer, it is a safe bet that it is most likely fraudulent.

Although most internet browsers are not able to detect actual computer issues, they are able to identify a website that could potentially be a security risk. If upon entering a website you are prompted with a message that is warning you about the potential harm the website could cause, it is usually in your best interest to the avoid that website.

The most important way to avoid being a victim of these pop-up error scams, is too NEVER call the number attached to the prompted message. Calling that number is the start of a potentially wild ride with an online scammer. It’s also important to keep in mind that Microsoft (or pretty much any other company for that matter) will never directly send you message directing to call them. There are situations in which you may be contacted by a company such as Microsoft, but it will almost always be via email.

So, if you’re ever in the situation where you’re suddenly startled by a loud beeping message box demanding you call them for technical support, keep these tips in mind and save yourself from being their next cyber-scam victim.

By: Taylor Wolfe

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