Pickup and Deilvery Request

Q&A and Pickup Request Form


Below you can find answers and our pickup request form.  Simply fill form out and one of our technicians will call you!

What if my device is already at Avie Pros?  No worries we are still working and when completed we will deliver your device (excluding TV’s).

How will i pay for my repair? We will be able to take payment over phone, or push a invoice to you via email…Also can pay by check. (Sorry no cash moving forward)

Will the Pickup/Delivery person come in my home? No.  They are not permitted to for your safety and ours.

What do i need to do while waiting for pickup?  Get your device ready and waiting by the door,   Remove any protective case and clean your device to your best ability.

Will I be protected from the Pickup/Delivery Person? Yes!  The person will be wearing a white disposable suit and a full face respirator for everyone’s protection.

What steps are taken inside shop to prevent contamination? When we pick up your device it will be put in a sterile container(excluding desktops), Sterilization through UVC lamps and oven depending on the container.  Once received and leaving shop your container and device will go though a positive pressure clean room for de-contamination and cleaning as well as UVC Treatment.  Staff wear protective layers and mask entire time.

Please call 502-385-0600 or submit the form below to get started with you repair and pickup!

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