Eufy video doorbell and security products are one of the best home upgrades. Easily from a device you can see who is at your door or any area using a Eufy security camera or floodlight.  Eufy also has a self contained security system with no monthly fee’s.  With Eufy products you can build out the perfect wireless system for your home the way you want and not be bound by wires.

Eufy products are simplistic and can be installed by the user easily. We also can provide professional installation upon request, generally a standard service call.

Any device that can download and install the Eufy app will work with Eufy products.

Smaller security products can be installed in minutes. The video doorbell or single camera’s a hour or so and complete systems within a few hours.

You have a full repair or replace 30 day warranty with Avie Pros. Eufy also has a 30 Day up to 24 month manufacture warranty depending on the product. Please see store associate for exact details per the product.

Eufy Cameras and Security

Eufy Security is self monitored,  if your not wanting to pay for a monthly monitoring service this may be a option for you. With the ease of installation and no wiring it is a home run for most home owners, either self installed or professionally.  Eufy Cameras and floodlight are just as easy to install and self configure using the app and again no monthly fee’s along with local storage making a big bang for the value.

Eufy Products

  • Eufy Smart 2k Doorbell with HomeBase
  • Eufy Cam 2 add-on camera (HomeBase required)
  • Eufy Cam 2 with HomeBase (2 cameras included)
  • Eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera (HomeBase NOT Required)

We carry Eufy smart home solutions designed to make your life at home more convenient, including robotic vacuums, security cameras, video doorbells, and so much more.  While you can install yourself we also can provide professional installation and support.   Come by today and demo yourself!

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