About Evercam

Evercam is a provider of construction site camera software that is used for project management, marketing and dispute avoidance. We believe that stronger communication is the key to success. We record every minute of the construction progress project to the cloud, enabling you to stay in control of your project.

Evercam Features

  • Live View
  • Access to 4K Recordings Of Entire Project
  • Unlimited Users
  • BIM Integration
  • Construction Site Analytics
  • Easy to use interface & mobile app
  • Gate Report (Record all vehicles that enter/exit your site)
  • Project Management Software Integrations (Procore & Autodesk etc)
  • Compare Tool
  • X-ray Tool

Evercam UPSs

Evercam is the only construction camera provider that offers you:

  • Full video recording
  • The most advanced construction AI software designed to provide you with useful site reports everyday
  • Live View (Private & from your mobile device)
  • Unlimited recordings
  • BIM integration
  • Easy, secure sharing
  • Snapmail (schedule image updates directly from your site to your email inbox)
  • Project management software integrations
  • High resolution custom time-lapse to meet your needs
  • A full suite of communications tools

Contact us any suitable way for questions, Demo, and deployment.  Call us on 502-385-0600

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