Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY

When your car faces problems, your instinct is to take it to a mechanic. But when something goes wrong with your smartphone, maybe a shattered screen or draining battery, you may wonder: “Is it time to buy a new one?”. 

The urge is mainly because consumer electronics have become as crucial as our cars, where the idea of tech repair still hasn’t seeped into our collective consciousness. Research has shown that when tech products begin to fail, most individuals are inclined to purchase new gadgets rather than fix their old ones. But it doesn’t have to be this way. More of us could maintain our devices, as we do with cars, if it were more practical to do so. In addition, if we all had more access to the instructions, parts, and tools to revive gadgets, repairs would become more straightforward and less expensive.

 We at Avie Pros are here to help with such a situation. We are a Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY. We manage most smartphones of major brands using the best quality tools and equipment in the repairing process. 

Whatever be the difficulty, our trained and experienced staff, after diagnosing the actual problem, can fix your phone, irrespective of the size, shape, or brand. Furthermore, our professionals use state-of-art tools and technologies for service, enabling them to get your smartphone fixed in the shortest possible time. Thus, with the availability of professional and reliable smartphone repair services, you can get your smartphone back in pristine condition at a fraction of the cost.

We, at Avie Pros, have been in the repair and service business since 2008, where we have an experienced service department that is ready to manage all your smartphone repair tasks. Avie Pros is a leading provider of smartphone repairs in Frankfort, KY, and drives by the mission to deliver WOW experiences to customers consistently. In addition, we offer flexible plans to ensure the long life of your smartphones.

A deep insight into Avie Pros 

Refurbished smartphones are no less than a new branded phone; they work as smoothly as a new one. So why pay more when you can purchase a refurbished smartphone that functions like a brand new one from Avie Pros, a Professional Repair and Selling Partner for Smartphones in Frankfort, KY? 

Another prominent feature that Avie Pros offers is smartphone repair. Smartphone repair at Avie Pros is trouble-free and convenient, as one does not have to exhaust oneself in searching for a reliable repair vendor. We have more than 2500 mobile parts in stock for repairs, specifically for smartphones. 

We generally have parts for more than 300 devices in stock, and in some cases, every part of the phone is available on demand. And we still utilize overnight deliveries to ensure your device is repaired in the fastest way possible.  

We also use a systematic automated POS software that tracks and provides up-to-date inventory information. 

Apart from keeping a physical inventory count, we use expert software that allows us to handle inventory seamlessly, send lightning-fast quotations, and auto-generate invoices. Technology has made inroads in each business, and the mobile repairs and smartphone industry has embraced it wholeheartedly too. Today, it is a proven fact that technology-led mobile repair services have efficiently managed to change trends, competition, and customer preferences by adapting, adopting, and relying on technology-driven software.

Why go for Avie Pros?

Avie Pros have a wide range of branded smartphones in refurbished versions, offering unlimited options to choose from. We’re also regularly adding the latest smartphones to our inventory. In addition, Avie Pros offers its customers fantastic deals and discounts on every smartphone repair. At Avie Pros, offering excellent service to consumers is our primary goal. 

The professionals at Avie Pros focus on a single smartphone at any given time, and that’s your smartphone. As a result, you experience a shorter wait time. 

To know more about smartphone repair services in Frankfort, KY, connect with us today itself!

We Now Support Acima Leasing!

Having carried out repairs and fully restored over 30,000 devices to a state of full functionality, we have had the honor and privilege of serving our loyal customers in Central Kentucky for well over 13 years now. We have also installed countless TVs, camera systems, home theaters, and commercial and residential audio/video systems. 

What’s more? We’re all about making the lives of the people in our community easier and more convenient. In pursuance of this endeavor, we offer pickup, shipping, and local delivery for our products. We are dedicated to offering professional, fast, and reliable repair services at a cost-effective price. Our professionals are specialized and trained in repairing all tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, and more! Additionally, our customers can rest at ease knowing that the payments they make to us are 100% safe as we use the most secure and popular payment methods in the world.

We guarantee that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and provide excellence in everything that we do. At Avie Pros, we make sure to offer our customers the smoothest experience possible, providing them with excellent customer service, peace of mind, and top-quality repairs. We offer the best mobile, PC, Mac, console, and tablet repairing services to our customers, such as:

  1. Fixing Gaming Consoles

At Avie Pros, we make use of top-of-the-line parts and the best methods to repair your gaming console, and that includes all gaming consoles from major brands. Our Avie Pros professionals have experience repairing gaming consoles of all types, including Xboxes, Nintendo Wiis, and more. Our team has the ability to quickly assess the system, diagnose the problem, and get it working again. 

  1. Repairing PCs and MACs

You can rest assured knowing that we can take care of all software-related issues and provide professional-level repairs, such as reworking motherboards. We understand the ins and outs of these systems and will have yours working again in no time. 

  1. Fixing Smartphones

No matter which brands your smartphone is from, we will take care of all your technical woes using the highest quality equipment and tools to repair your phone. At Avie Pros, we offer professional and fast repairs using high-quality parts. The services can include charging port repair, screen replacement, front & back camera repair, battery replacement, motherboard replacement, and microphone & speaker repair. 

  1. Installation of TVs

We offer a broad spectrum of home services, including TV installation and mounting, in addition to custom installations of projectors and flat-panel TVs.

  1. Fixing Tablets

We have been fixing tablets since the days of the very first iPad. That being said, our services aren’t restricted to just Apple products. We also offer repair services for other brands such as LG, Kindle, Samsung, ASUS, among many others.

  1. Transfer and Duplication of Videos

Our Frankfort KY branch offers customers a DVD copying and mass duplication service. Furthermore, we can also transfer the contents of VCR tapes to DVDs, with our rate of transfer production being as high as 56 DVDs per hour.

In addition to the repair services as mentioned above, we also offer the following services: 

  • Operating system upgrades
  • Glass, Digitizer, and LCD replacements
  • PC Tune-ups and cleaning
  • Camera issues across all devices
  • Battery testing and replacements
  • Reading disc issue with consoles
  • Hard drive replacements and upgrades
  • Device overheating testing and repair

Sure, we offer all of these services, but there’s more! Avie Pros now offers a 90-day trial period and leasing option through Acima. Shop now, pay later, all without any credit. We offer instant approvals and flexible payments. 

We believe the growing demand for device repair services must be met by a dedicated team of qualified professionals who are armed with the understanding and tools required to offer a seamless and focused service to clients. So, for repairs, gaming desktops, laptops, and so on, get in touch with Avie Pros right away!

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