Everything You Need to Know About AKKO Protection Plan

Phones are our precious assets, and the stress can be too much when accidents happen. Everyone who experiences an accident with their phone generally invests in a good protection plan to protect their phone for the future. But there are several situations where your broken phone might not be qualified for coverage. As for any type of protection plan, a phone protection plan should also be bought after much thought and research.

AKKO protection plan provides such well-crafted and affordable protection plan plans, and here is everything you need to know about it.

The Pricing

AKKO stands out in the competition because of its affordable rates. You can get coverage for as low as $5 per month, depending on your phone. The company also provides attractive discounts on adding a second phone to the plan.

You can pay your premium monthly or at a discounted lumpsum annual rate. The basic “Phone Only” plan starts from $5 and can go to $12 per month. If paid annually, it is $5 – 11/month, and it is $6 – $12/month for monthly payments. AKKO also offers prorated refunds if you’ve paid the annual amount but choose to cancel your plan for whatever reason. It provides phone protection against theft, breakdowns, and other damages. You can also get a 5% discount if you add multiple plans.

If you’re looking to protect more electronic devices with your phone, they also have an “Everything Protected” plan that covers almost 25 electronic items, including your phone. The plan starts at $15 per month if you pay monthly and $14 per month if you pay it annually. It can cover items like tablets, laptops, cameras and equipment, TVs, gaming consoles, etc. The plans also offer student and family bundle discounts.

Coverage of the AKKO Phone protection plan

Let’s move to the most important part – whether the money you pay is worth it or not if something happens to your phone?

AKKO covers all phone brands, and you can get coverage for –

  • Malfunctions due to accidental damage or drops
  • Cracked screens
  • Electrical/mechanical component failures
  • Liquid spills or submersion
  • Break-ins or theft

Features of the AKKO Phone protection plan

Reasonable Deductibles

Depending on the phone you own and the situation, deductibles may range from $29 to $99. Of course, the best thing is that you can make unlimited claims.

Quick Claims

AKKO has a reputation for one of the fastest claims, such that you may get your phone repaired on the same and can get your phone back working in no time.

Customer Support

Getting your phone damaged or lost can be a stressful time. Their website and chatbots can help you quickly and easily fill in details.

Easy-to-use App

Their user-friendly app makes you forget the exhaustive protection plan paperwork you needed to do initially. Instead, you can quickly check your account and the statuses of your claims. You may easily log in through their website if you don’t have your phone with you during the claim process.

Payments on Time

You no longer need to wait for weeks to get the result of your protection plan claim. If the damages are repaired, AKKO can even pay the repair shop directly. If your phone gets lost, you instantly get your money via PayPal or wire when the claim is approved.

How can You Start?

AKKO protection plan won’t require much time. You can do it with these simple steps:

  • Firstly, you can easily sign up on their website
  • Choose the plan suitable for your needs
  • Fill in your personal and payment details

Remember to consciously check if you’re paying the amount monthly or annually, as the lumpsum option is selected by default.


  • Not only do you protect your electronic items, but you also save 5 – 15% by signing up for lumpsum payment or availing the student/family discounts.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your plans at any time. They also offer prorated refunds in case of lumpsum payments.
  • No paperwork is needed during registration. You can quickly sign up through their app or website in a few minutes.
  • You get the same-day service as the protection plan company can pay directly to the repair store.

If you still have doubts, know that AKKO has been rewarded as ‘The Best Cell Phone protection plan in 2021’! All you need now is to find a reliable repair center like Avie Pros. With a team of experts just a call away, you can rely on us for all your repair needs. All the more, we are partnering with the AKKO protection plan to give your devices the best protection! We’d be happy to help you understand the complicated language of your protection plans and sort it out for you.

5 Worst Malware Cases in History and Why You Need to be Protected

Let us start by discussing what malware refers to – it is harmful software developed to attack and infect computer systems and other similar devices. To be precise, ‘malware’ is an umbrella term that includes within its ambit various threats such as ransomware, worm, trojan, and virus. 

In most cases, malware is deployed through vishing, phishing, or smishing, which are all kinds of social engineering attacks. In simple terms, threat actors attempt to corrupt sensitive data by manipulating people into downloading attachments, clicking links, or offering access over the phone. 

Next, let us see 5 of the worst malware cases in history to have affected people and businesses alike.

1.  ILOVEYOU Worm (2000)

A Worm that was designed to look like a love letter sent via e-mail, ILOVEYOU attacks resulted in damages amounting to nearly USD 15 billion and affected as many as 45 million individuals and their computer systems in the 2000s. It is known as one of the first malware attacks that made use of social engineering to lure its victims by self-replicating by using the victim’s email once launched.

2. The Stuxnet Worm (2010)

The Stuxnet worm was used in a political attack on the nuclear program of Iran in 2010. It was designed to attack the many zero-day vulnerabilities present in Windows systems. The design of this Worm was ingenious in that it could be transmitted without an internet connection, merely by using USB drives. It is speculated that this Worm was created at the request of a government in order to further its political agenda. 

3. The CryptoLocker Ransomware (2013)

The CryptoLocker is probably the most notorious ransomware on this list and is still remembered for the havoc it wreaked in 2013. It resulted in damages amounting to nearly USD 3 million and harmed as many as 200,000 Windows systems. It made use of an expansive, intricate and complicated encryption key that stumped even experts, and was transmitted via e-mails containing malicious files that were disguised as PDF files.

4. The Emotet Trojan (2018)

Counted among one of the most destructive and dangerous malware to have wreaked havoc on the world by the United States Department of Homeland Security,  Emotet was an extremely destructive Trojan that was used extensively in the theft of financial information like crypto-currencies and bank login details. This Trojan was transmitted mostly through phishing campaigns and malicious emails in the form of spam.

5. CovidLock Ransomware (2020)

The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a lot of gear and the spread of misinformation among the masses. True to form, cyber-criminals circled in like vultures to exploit and attack these vulnerabilities. CovidLock is the ransomware in question. It feeds on the victims’ fear and uncertainty by infecting their systems with malicious files that offer to elaborate and provide information pertaining to COVID-19. On being installed, this ransomware encrypts data from android systems and deprives the victims of the ability to access the data in their systems. The only way to regain access to your android device is to pay a ransom of USD 100 for each device. 

While malware differs greatly in how they spread and infect computers, they all can lead to similar symptoms. Computers that are infected with malware can show any of the following symptoms:

1. Deleted files 

2. Slow web browser or computer speed 

3. Strange computer behavior

4. Freezing or Crashing 

5. Difficulty connecting to networks 

6. Appearance of strange programs, files, or desktop icons.

The purpose of recounting the 5 instances above is only to tell you why it is so important for you to protect and safeguard yourselves against such hackers and malware. It is imperative in order to secure your personal, financial, social, and political interests, especially in this day and age when practically every aspect of our lives is on the internet. There are many general practices that users must follow to prevent malware infections. For instance, keeping the software and operating systems updated with current vulnerability patches. These patches are released to patch bugs or other security flaws that could be corrupted by attackers. 

Are you looking for help to secure and protect your computer systems and devices from malware attacks? Well, look no further than Avie Pros. We have been serving Central Kentucky for over 13 years, and throughout those years we’ve worked on a plethora of devices dating back to the original Smartphones. 

With over 30000+ repairs to date, we are constantly acquiring and upgrading to new equipment and technologies to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Trust us and stay protected always!

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